Titanium connection – Objection to Front Line Article

Date : 12.07.2015


1.The Grievance Redressal Officer,

Frontline Magazine,

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2. The Editor,

Frontline Magazine

The Hindu Group, Kasturi Buildings, 859/860, Anna Salai,

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Dear Sirs,

Ref : http://www.frontline.in/cover-story/titanium- connection/article7391812.ece

This has with reference to your article published in the name of “Titanium Connection” by T.S.Subramanian.

This is also one of the paid news. To get support from Govt., machinery, this article has been published. The Educated criminals who are supporting illegal mining mafia Dayadevadas, previously spread false rumours in the name of export of Thorium to other countries. This false rumour is to give trouble to V.V.Mineral a private player. In fact, Thorium is available very cheap all over the world and there is no necessity either legally or illegally exported from India. Due to price reduction, even monazite mining is stopped by IRE Ltd from the year 2004.  This has been confirmed by the Honourable Minister in reply to a  Parliament question.  To confuse the readers as well as officials and judiciary, this reporter very cleverly use the DAE notification, etc.,

According to Atomic Energy Act, the mineral from which the Atomic Energy is produced or used for research alone can be notified as Atomic Minerals or Prescribed substance. Whereas Atomic Energy Department notified, Ilmenite, Rutile, Zircon, Leucoxene which are titanium and ceramic minerals, as, “Atomic Minerals” and export the same to other countries through IRE Ltd for a lessor price and get the money separately for that quantity. Accordingly every year more than 200 Crore Rupees, IRE Ltd swindling by export of these minerals by under invoicing the same. A single grain has been either used for production of Atomic Energy or Research. Thus they misuse the provisions of the Act.

India has more than 35% of total world reserve of Ilmenite. But the mining ratio is 0.01%. This is the figure published by Atomic Energy Commission Chairman Mr. Anil Kakotkar and Atomic Energy Department Joint Secretary Mr. V.P.Raja. Since they could not able to fulfil the requirement, they open it to  private parties in 1998. Then in 2006, they de-notified the minerals which are not used for producing atomic energy or research from the list of prescribed substances. So after 1998 notification, private parities obtained mining leases for other minerals except monazite with the approval of Atomic Energy Department and Ministry of Mines.  Up to 2006, they export with proper handling license from DAE and after 2006, the handling license from DAE is dispensed for this Titanium bearing minerals.

No private players export Titanium bearing minerals illegally. But all the exports are with legally. In fact, from the beginning, the Govt., company Indian Rare Earths Ltd is supplying and exporting these minerals  in a low price by under invoicing and get the difference amount through back door. A public interest litigation is pending in the Keara High Court against IRE Ltd, for this under invoice scam. Even now also, if you compare the export price as well as local sales price of these minerals with private players, you can find out the IRE Ltd is under invoicing. You can find out that, Mr.Dayadevadas owned company, “Indian Garnet Sand Company” is the main player, who purchased these minerals from IRE Ltd in a rock bottom price.


There are some litigations pending with IRE Ltd and V.V.Mineral in criminal court, civil court, Mines Tribunal and the High Court. To give trouble to V.V.Mineral, IRE Ltd officials, who sold all associated mineral to Mr.Dayadevadas in the name of Garnet, in a meagre price by colluded with him and give false information to your reporter. Our feeling is, your reporter also colluded with them.

In the name of Atomic Energy, since there is no audit for that department, they are swindling money in various names and projects. No one can question the same. The previous congress government, by appointing the retired officers for the Head of the Post, swindled the money. For example, for the key post of Director of Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and Research, Hyderabad , a Retired officer was given extension for two years and he is also colluded in swindling the money.  If private parties are prevented, Indian Rare Earths Ltd can swindling more money. No one will know about this. With this aim, this false articles are spread.

All the ports are having necessary facilities to check and prevent export or import of radioactive materials.

Without payment of royalty, the mineral cannot be taken from the mine. So whatever titanium minerals exported, either they have to pay royalty to the State Govt., or they have to purchase with a valid invoice either from a lessee or a trader who import the materials from other countries. The Export figure as well as the royalty paid quantity have been thoroughly checked by the District Administration by getting the information from the Customs authority. Hence the allegation levelled in your article is false.

More than 48 mining leases granted for Ilmenite, Rutile etc., this has been replied by the Honourable Prime Minister in the Parliament.

IRE Ltd is not the only company swindling the money, but AMD also swindling huge money. To identify the atomic minerals all over the India, AMD was created.  Their total staff strength is 2700. In 1995, they have allotted total 29 Crore rupees and they have studied a total extent of 34,920 Sq.Km. whereas, in 2014, the allotted amount goes 10 times more, total amount 263.33 Crore rupees. But their study area is only 5,190 Sq.Km. Since there is no audit, all this money are swindled by the officials colluded with some politicians. So if private parties are in this field, their corruption will come to light. With this motive, in collusion with Dayadevadas who get material from IRE Ltd, in a cheap rate, to misguide the public, particularly judiciary and Government, this article is published. We are ready to establish the same in your presence, if you are ready to call for Mr.T.S.Subramanian to produce the proof in our presence.  So please don’t encourage such type of paid news.

Kindly publish our objection in your print media as well as digital media.

Thanking you

Yours truly,


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